Traffic Law

Why do you need a lawyer?

Traffic law encompasses many different offenses ranging from non jailable petty offenses such as parking tickets, all the way up to serious felonies such as leaving the scene of a personal injury accident in certain circumstances.

Traffic offense are the most common types of offenses that put the average person in contact with the Illinois court system. While tickets may not seem to be a big issue for many, it is very important to understand that what happens in court on your speeding ticket or ticket for not possessing valid insurance for the vehicle that you were driving can have very serious consequences on your Driver’s License.

Certain offenses can automatically suspend your Driver’s License if you plead or are found guilty. It is important to speak with an experienced attorney to determine what unintended consequences your traffic offense might have on your License. In many instances, an attorney can seek to have the type of offense changed to one that is more favorable to you. An attorney can also assist at trial and challenge details of the offense that could potentially result in a not guilty or even an outright dismissal before trial by the prosecutor.

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